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Benevolence Guidelines

In order to receive assistance you must...

  1. Be a regular attender of the Rock Church
  2. Be involved in a community group and ministry.
  3. Have a history of tithing at the Rock church.
  4. Have your application endorsed by your ministry and community group leader.

This applicant will be asked to share their needs with their ministry and community group leader. This ensures that your Rock Church family is aware of your needs and can proceed in the way God directs them.

All benevolence applications must originate from a small group or ministry leader. The application is completed by the person in need, and then signed off by the leader. Prior to approval or disapproval the Benevolence Board will review all applications and may contact the leader and or applicant. Benevolence applications are reviewed weekly.

Once a decision is met, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible. If a check is needed, the request will be sent to accounting. It may take up to 7 working days to distribute the assistance (a check is NOT made out to the individual but to the area of need i.e. utility, rent, etc)

Once the assistance is ready, it will be distributed in the manner requested on the application.