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Individual Counseling and Marriage Coaching

Rock Care Counseling and Marriage Coaching is a no fee ministry to provide encouragement, insight, and Biblical guidance to members during times of personal crisis and family difficulties.

Care Counselors and Marriage Coaches are committed Rock attendees that are trained and certified on how to provide emotional and educational support based on Biblical foundations. 

Care Counseling and Marriage Coaching are not mental health care and should not be substituted for professional therapy or counseling if you are already under the care of a paid professional counselor.  We do not perform psychiatric evaluations nor do we prescribe medication. 

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For any further questions, please e-mail one of the following:

Point Loma: [email protected]
North County: [email protected]
East County: [email protected]
San Ysidro: [email protected]
City Heights: [email protected]

Where there is no guidance, a people falls;  but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. - Proverbs 11:14