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Coaching 4 Christ


PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR & JOIN US AT OUR NEXT MEETING & BIBLE STUDY: We currently meet the 2nd & 4th or 5th Wednesday of every month. - See our event page for more details

The world of sports is full of coaches from pee-wee sports programs, youth, junior high, high school and collegiate through the professional level.  There are individual coaches and team coaches, all impacting athletes with life lessons, good and bad. It is the desire of the coaches ministry to empower Christian coaches to use their gifts by "Coaching 4 Christ".  The coaches ministry will encourage coaches to not only seek to improve athletic skill but encourage sportsmanship, a true sense of TEAM and the value of consistent hard work for an ultimate goal.  

These coaches at every level will have opportunity to be equipped to share their faith in Jesus and impart life-lessons from the Bible with their athletes. Many older athletes often recall the positive impact a coach had in their lives to motivate them to become better men and women.  The coaches ministry will consist of equipping coaches, brainstorming ideas and techniques, sharing drills and how to develop team leaders.  It will also encourage coaches to grow in their own walk with Jesus Christ, to become the most effective role model for their athletes, regardless of age.

Opportunities will be provided for service through local coaching mentor programs, as well as providing tools to discover open coaching employment positions.  This ministry will provide fellowship with individuals who have a common interest in coaching and the love of sport.