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Jesus Geeks


We are a technology outreach ministry. Our primary vision is geared toward local and international outreach; to bless local underprivileged families with refurbished computers, as well as send computers to schools and children internationally through missionaries. All computers coming from us are equipped with educational software and digital Bibles.

To help accomplish this vision, we perform fundraising events through computer repair and computer classes for the community of San Diego. Because our services are completely donation-based, our services continually draw non-Christians to our church, enabling them to experience the sacrificial love of Christ. Not only are we able to bless the people of San Diego through our weekly computer service or computer classes, but we also take time to encourage and pray for them when the opportunity presents itself. This simple act of kindness becomes a blessing for both our customers and to us as volunteers, ultimately transforming even this into another form of outreach. 

It is only through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ where our geeks are able to serve countless number of hours in ministry; where we find ourselves constantly and selflessly "giving technology... a Greater purpose."