Counseling Support

Benevolence Guidelines

In order to receive assistance you must...
  1. Be a regular attender of the Rock Church
  2. Be involved in a community group and ministry.
  3. Have a history of tithing at the Rock church.
  4. Have your application endorsed by your ministry and community group leader.

If you need financial assistance AND you fulfill all the basic requirements listed above, please see your respective campus for an application. Applications are not available online or through email; application can only be received through a ministry leader, Group leader, or pastor at your campus.

Prior to a consensus the Benevolence Board will review all applications and may contact the leader and or applicant. Benevolence applications are reviewed weekly with the exception of specific holidays.

Once a decision is made, the applicant will be notified by their campus soon as possible. If a check is needed, the request will be sent to accounting and processed. It may take up to 7 business days to distribute the assistance pending all requirements are met and all information needed is provided.

We do not write personal checks. All assistance will require a vendor for the area of need (i.e. utility with bill attached, rent with landlord or leasing office contact info provided, etc.)

If you have specific questions regarding this process, please see the pastoral team at your campus, after service.

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