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Keeping It Reel

About Us

This is a ministry where we take deep sea fishing trips in a Christian setting.  We charter a local commercial fishing boat and fish local waters for bass, yellowtail, barracuda, rockfish and whatever else will bite our bait.  No fishing experience is needed and all trips are equipped with a professional crew.  

We will have special events too including father/son, youth trips, couples, singles, women only, men only, fatherless boys and any other combination you can think of. If you have a special event, we can accommodate you.  All trips will have a time of prayer and a Christian message by a church leader while out on the water. 

Trips are for open to all ages but small children under ten often have a difficult time staying awake. Trips vary in length but typically are for 1/2 to 3/4 day depending on season and species desired.  There are trips for tuna which can run to two days.  Tuna trips are for the hearty fisherman or to those who are ready to work for their catch. 

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