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Why This Ministry

I believe that a large part of the battle, the front lines if you will, happens in our homes. For too long others have reached out to our communities going door to door for things other than the truth. We have an opportunity and a command from Scripture, to get out into our communities and to our neighbors, to be there for them. Knock for Hope creates a simple way to step into the lives of those around us hiding behind closed doors hurting. We have an opportunity to be used by God, to be at the right place at the right time. I have two very moving and actual stories to share.

I was following up on a prayer request for a woman named Virginia. She had said her husband Jose was sick, so we were praying for him. After our third visit I brought along the Spanish pastor from my church at the time, both Jose and Virginia gave their life to Christ. We found out that day Jose was sick with terminal cancer and had less than 6 months to live.

I was knocking on a apartment door in El Cajon and for some reason when the woman answered the door, I simply asked her if she knew why I was there. She shook her head no, I told her I was there to let her know God loved her. She covered her mouth and turned around in tears. Her friend came to the door and informed me that her son had just committed suicide just the night before. She was a christian so we were able to pray for her in her living room and fellowship encouraging her.

Stories like these are what fills my heart with the passion to love people. We have hope and truth, as well as  have the answers to life's most difficult questions and we need to share those answers.