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Step Up Foster Youth Mentors serves foster youth (6-18) and young adults transitioning out of the foster care (18-26) by providing mentors, resources, and events that will enrich their lives.  With almost ¬†4,000 children in San Diego foster care, the need is great for mentors and advocates; especially for youth 12 and over. These youth are removed from from everything familiar; their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. ¬†This leaves them vulnerable and often feeling lonely, hopeless, and afraid.

The majority of foster youth age out of the system between 18-21 or can remain in care until 26 if they are attending college. However, only 1%  to 3 % of foster youth go on to a college or trade school, leaving employment opportunites limited.  After they age out of the system, these young adults go on to navigate life with little or no emotional, financia,l or community support.  Without the  support of an individual/community to rally around them these young adults are susceptible and fall prey to homelessness, drug addiction, incarceration, unplanned pregnancy, sex trafficking and more. In addition, only 1%  to 3 % go on to a college or trade school, leaving employment opportunites limited. That is where mentors and advocates come in!

Mentors and advocates offer guidance, support, and consistency to our most vulnerable youth. These committed adults have the youth's best interest at heart and are a consistent force there for them, whether they are experiencing a  victory ro a challenge. It doesn't take much;  just a few hours a month to a make a genuine impact in the life of a youth in need.

Remember...One person can make a difference. If you have a passion for youth, then mentoring/advocating may be for you. Let's show these youth what God's staying power looks like!!!!

If you would like information about the Step Up Foster Youth Mentors and how you can make a difference in the life of a foster youth please  contact us at [email protected].

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