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"I wish everyone could just spend one day with a foster kid.  They would fall in love right away for sure."
~ J., mentor since September 2012

"I became a Christian first, I think because of other people’s testimony and their heart-warming stories gave me an emotional high that sustained me for a while. As time went on going to worship with other Christians, the emotional high wore off and other people’s testimonies did not have an effect on me like it once did. I asked God for advice on this matter. His answer was to grow deeper in the knowledge of His Word, the Bible and base my faith on His truth. (Study, study, study!!!)

So why did I decide to get into a foster youth mentoring program? I believe that is what God told me to do. Looking deeper, what were my motives? Could it have been because I had an alcoholic father that was not present in my life? Could it have been that I was not present in the life of my daughter enough? Maybe a combination of both, but more importantly, God spoke to me to mentor kids that really need love. He told me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Because of the 2 doctrines; God’s Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-30) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). He re-aligned my heart and motives for a greater cause more important than me.

Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-30):

“28 One of the scribes approached. When he heard them debating and saw that Jesus answered them well, he asked Him, Which command is the most important of all? 29 This is the most important, Jesus answered: Listen, Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is One. 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20):

“16 The 11 disciples traveled to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had directed them. 17 When they saw Him, they worshiped, but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came near and said to them, All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.“

So working with my mentee, for 9 months has been a joy.  His family comprises of Mom, 2 brothers and 3 sisters living in a small apartment. His behavior has improved over the last few months to point where he has become the “man of the family”.  Improvements have come in small amounts but I believe that his "9 year old" actions have something to do with that. More importantly, I praise God for making things happen in a family situation that did not have positive things going for them.

"We just celebrated 5 years of being together!  It has been an amazing experience.  Some weeks we spend several 10 hour days together, and others weeks we see each other for an hour.  It really depends on whatever is happening in her life & mine."
~B., mentor since 2007

I have a new mentee! He is in a group home and I am having a blast hanging out with him. He is such a great kid especially given what he has been through. He loves football (any sport actually).

Just had to share the Lords work with you all. I mentioned at the last pow wow that I was planning on taking my mentee to Mammoth for his first snowboarding experience. The social worker and the mentor coordinator really came through. Actually I know it was answered prayer and the lord just used them as tools to make it happen, but in just 4 days they managed to get a court order to let me take him, provided me with a new sweater, a $50 AMEX gift card, some cash and hope of additional items upon return. Then I called Mammoth and played the Mentor/Foster Youth card and it sounds like they are going to comp me at least two lift tickets ($71/day) for my mentee. Yeah baby! My Mentee has never even been to the snow and he is so excited about getting the chance to go snowboarding!!! I would ask that you pray for my Mentee and ask the Lord to keep him safe as he tumbles down the mountain. Who?s the Man? JESUS!!!
Salutations, Hamilton

We had a birthday party for my mentee today and it was awesome. The staff at the group home said he has probably never had anything like it. We got to meet his brother and my husbands dad came in from Arizona to be a clown for the party. The kids loved it and my mentee had a great time. He was begging us for "Heelys", the shoes with wheels on them. I was very hesistant to get them for him because, as you saw, his skating abilities are nil, and the shoes are very expensive. However, how can I turn down that beautiful face? So I got them. He was so happy and excited! He put them on, fell down a couple of times, and that was it. The shoes came off. Oh well. Kids, what are you gonna do?
In His Love and Service, Victoria

Ladies ... I just wanted to tell you how amazing the sailing / foster youth event was on Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and it was so well organized and FUN! I have had the privilege of working alongside each of you as you setup your ministry and hearing the vision that God gave you individually.  Your ministries have really blossomed and are making a big impact in San Diego.  And to see the two ministries come together, to do something larger, is truly living the vision of the Rock. We are continually praying for each of you and your ministries.  Please let us know if there is something we can do to support you.  God Bless!
Michele Kassa, Outreach Ministries

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