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Step Up

Note from Lisa and Tina

Rock Church Do You?

Love God? Love to Serve? Love Kids?

Then this ministry is for you!

Hello my name is Lisa Gilbert, I'm a Social Worker for the County of San Diego. I work with children, teens who have been removed from there parent(s) care.  These kids are currently living in group homes and often don't see any family.

I want you to all think for a minute about your childhood, and how it affects your life today or affected your life before you totally gave it to God.

This does not mean the memories have to be bad.

Many of us have been through some type childhood pain/trauma whether it was abandonment, physical abuse, sexual or emotional abuse. This abuse sticks with us for years. It can affect us in many different ways.

Now I want you to think about how you handled this pain. Drugs, sex, fighting, being mean to others, doing poorly in school, eating disorders, striving for perfection but not ever quite getting there. This list goes on...

Now I want you to think about your walk with God. We all know He has taken all this pain away. Through the Love and Forgiveness of Jesus Christ!

For those who grew up knowing God and might of strayed, it's possible you came back through the example of a friend. Or we come to know God for the first time through a friend. We can easily call this someone a "mentor" type person.

With all that said, Let me just tell you a little bit about me (Don't worry I'm gonna come back to that and it will all make more sense I promise) and why this ministry is so important. J

I was born of a single mother, a twin, separated at birth. I was in many foster homes until I was adopted at the age of three. I grew up lost, needy, and feeling empty, with constant rejection with no real sense of belonging. As many foster kids do I would take love and affection any way it came. I suffered abuse by the hands of people who prayed on this type of child.

I do remember good days as a child but mostly I remember being alone, even in a room full of people laughing I was alone.

So back to why I'm here, we have 5,000 foster children in San Diego County. And we have over 15,000 members at the Rock give or take, God said, "Lisa look here girl you say you wanna serve ok here we go."

These kids grow up feeling, sad, lonely, plus they move from place to place.

I can't tell you how much that affects a child. The reason I told you a little about me is because I spent the first three years of my life in the foster care system and it affected me until I excepted Jesus Christ as my Lord a Savior!! I didn't have my first "mentor" until I was 30 years old. God sent me a person who taught me His love, trust, and forgiveness. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have one back as a kid? What can you do to make a difference?

Thank you for Stepping Up to God's Kids

Lisa Gilbert Walker

Founder/ Step Up Foster Youth Mentor Ministry

East County Step Up Foster Youth Mentor Leader


A couple of years ago the Lord really put on my heart to find a way to serve our youth.  I was especially interested in foster youth.  As I looked into mentoring I realized this was what the Lord wanted me to do. 

I have been mentoring two boys for a almost 5 years. I started with the older brother and then later started to mentor the younger brother..  I have seen these kids grow and develop, build confidence and become amazing children of God. They have overcome incredible challenges in their personal lives and inspire me every week.  These kids have been such a blessing in my life and I feel so fortunate to have them apart of it. I thank God often that this is the path he lead me down.

With over 125 foster children in wait for a mentor, the need is great for committed adults to offer friendship, support and guidance through Christ centered eyes.

If you are passionate about our youth, please prayerfully consider mentoring a child.  One person really CAN make a difference!

Tina Snow Thornton

Step Up Foster Youth Mentor Ministry

Point Loma Leader