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Gear Up (Guardians, Enforcers and Responders Up)

About Us

The Rock G.E.A.R UP Ministry was created for First Responder and Military personnel and their families to share their testimonies, get prayer, grow in Christ and outreach to the lost. 

The issues First Responders and Military members face are unique to our occupation, which is why this Ministry was created. A ministry where honest and raw discussions can happen amongst fellow First Responder and Military Christians. A place were leaders can meet other leaders, where a Sergeant Major can guide another Sergeant Major, where a Commanding Officer can talk to another Commanding Officer, where junior ranks can meet other junior ranks, where a Police Officer can meet another Police Officer, and where an EMT can meet another EMT.  

The First Responder and Military field is nothing more than a fight against good vs evil. You can trace our occupational roots back to the Bible. You can’t do that with McDonalds, you can’t do that with Microsoft. So how did a Biblical based career field become so unbiblical? How does a career where every day you put your life on the line survive without God? How do you go to a combat zone without God? How do you fight an Ephesians 6:12 battle of good vs evil without God? You can’t! But yet thousands of men and women try to do it every day, without God?!?

The G.E.A.R. UP Ministry is called to:

  • Create a community for First Responder and Military members and their families.
  • Bring the Gospel to the First Responder and Military Communities of San Diego County and beyond.
  • Save, equip, and send First Responders and Military members back to their work place to be a light and make more disciples.
  • Become an active outward facing ministry.


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