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The Home Team


The Home Team serves to connect those who have experienced homelessness, including Veterans, Non-Veterans, Families, Seniors and individuals with appropriate services, safe shelter and life skills while nurturing with God's love.

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The Rock Church Homeless Services Ministries maintains a "No Street Food Service" Policy with Communion being served at worship."The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world." John 6:33 

Please see Pastor Miles Video on Food Service Policy & San Diego Meal Service Program below

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Volunteer Service Opportunities with The Home Team

Be a Blessing to those who have experienced Homelessness in San Diego:


- Triple Cross  CA ID Team Tuesday & Thursday mornings 8a-12n: 

The CA ID is the essential document for all housing and any benefits including VA Services for Veterans. Assist weekday mornings with CA ID applications at Neil Good Day Center and at the DMV walking beside clients through the process of the DMV to apply for sponsor funded discount fee CA ID's. We pay $8 fee. Van Driver a plus but not required.


- Landlord Liaison & Housing Team - Calls can be made from home or schedule office time:

Housing the most vulnerable population is a win-win for everyone. Educate Landlords & Investors on the benefits of leasing through the Coordinated Assessment Housing Placement (CAHP) system, locate vacancies for move-in ready Clients, arrange inspections for Voucher and subsidy programs.   

- Housing Navigator Assistant Team - Calls can be made from home or schedule office time: 

Help Housing Navigators from 25 Cities Agencies prepare Clients for housing placement, coordinate documents & benefits, preparing the Client and their file for Matching through Coordinated Assessment Housing Placement (CAHP)

- Move-in Supply & Delivery Team  - Calls can be made from home or schedule as trucks are available: 

Source furnishings and move-in kits, organize new Resident move-in schedules, including delivery to new residence, and activation of utility & mail services.

 - Companionship Team - Schedule as mutually agreed upon by Clients & Companionship Team:

Help recently placed Residents settle-in - Companions are a supplement to Professional Case Management and serve as a friendly resource to new residents as they connect with their neighborhood, learn transit routes and teach household related activities, shopping, cooking, cleaning. Companions work with Residents on goal setting, life skills, and growing as individuals and part of a community.

Please Pray that God's Rock Church people lift up the City!

"The whole city celebrates when the godly succeed..." Proverbs 11:10

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The Rock strives to be transparent with the people it serves regarding its relationships with other organizations. In that regard, our affiliation with the organization identified on this page is based on our common objective of providing value-added service to the communities in which we live. However, please note that this organization is a separate 501(c)(3) organization that maintains its own Board of Directors and officers. The Rock does not own, control, or operate this organization, nor is the Rock financially responsible for it. If you would like some additional information about this organization, you can visit their website or contact it directly through phone or email. And, as always, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Rock’s interest in serving our community and our vision of establishing Global Pervasive Hope for every street, every person.

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