Aug/Sept Volunteer Spotlight


You know that saying "Good things come in small packages?"  That's exactly what came to mind when we first met Retna Shaw. Retna is our ministry's Events Coordinator and she is a ball of energy!  She joined our leadership team a couple of months ago but in that short time, she's brought a lot to the table. Not only did she put together our new Fall Cooking Series (our first class debuts on September 2nd in Coronado!), she will also play a key role in planning our ministry's upcoming Military Marriage Conference on November 15th and Annual Christmas Party on December 13th. 

So what's Retna's secret?  She gives all the glory to God.  "I am an eternal optimist because God has been way too good to me, for me to be any other way," she says with a big grin.  Retna is married to David Shaw and they have three children - Tia (5), Lia (3) and Ezra (2).  This is the second time they've lived in San Diego.  The first time was back in 2007. They were stationed here for three years before moving to Sicily, Italy. They moved back to San Diego in February of this year.

David has served in the US Navy for 16 years and he's currently stationed at the base on 32nd Street. When asked what she loves the most about being a military family, Retna's eyes light up.  "I love the fact that we are resilient, able to adapt quickly and conquer any challenges head on! We look at life as a series of adventures! We get to travel the world and see places that some people can only dream about.Never in my life would I have thought that I would be living on an island with an active volcano, rumbling, spewing lava and ash within sight of me and I say, "never mind, I'm going to go to bed!" Not only did I go to bed, I slept really good too."

All joking aside, Retna says it's important couples always show each other grace, especially when it's the hardest to give. "When you are struggling to understand why he has to leave again or why he is never there when you need him the most... never confuse his duty to our country and his love for you. When you get mad and upset, always go back to the time when you first felt that rush of love for your spouse."

Every day, Retna says she thanks God for all the amazing things he's done in and through her. "Whenever I think about my walk with God, I always go back to Ecclesiastes 3: 1, " There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: " My walk with God is constantly evolving and changing. There are moments of really high high's and pretty low lows but through it all, I trust God that everything he is doing is for my good! He has set my feet firmly on a rock and I shall not be moved!" 

Retna Shaw... the Military Ministry is so thankful that God has brought you into our lives.  You are a true blessing to us all!

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