June/July Volunteer Spotlight

Did you ever meet someone and instantly feel a connection? That's exactly how I felt when Devin Hill contacted our ministry to get involved. He may be a soft spoken young man but as we all quickly learned, don't let his quiet demeanor fool you.  Devin is a bold man and his heart is on fire for God!  As a Yeoman in the US Navy, he does administration work with a collateral duty of base security. Like me, Devin grew up in a military family (he's a third generation Navy brat) so it was no surprise when he announced that he too, wanted to serve his country."Ensuring a better tomorrow for my family and country is what it's all about," says Devin. 

As a military man, Devin understands the importance of bringing God to soldiers and soldiers to God.  The Rock Church's recent movement of setting up MicroSites throughout San Diego County is something that Devin is very passionate about. MicroSites are LiveStream broadcasts to wireless devices that project onto small, portable screens. So far, the Rock has set up MicroSites all over the county from restaurants to warehouses and yes, even a Downtown bar.  Our ministry's prayer is that God will open doors and bring us the right people so we can set up a MicroSite where military soldiers/families hang out.  It can be right on the military base or at someone's house OR even a business that's very military friendly. Devin has stepped up to lead this charge and he's excited to see where God will take us. " I believe God is using me to bridge the gap between Christianity and the military. And I strive everyday to do His will," Devin says.

Devin's walk with God started at a young age. "I've been in church ALMOST my entire life. I've been involved in church since birth. As youth ministry president, at age 13, I even delivered a sermon. God has been there for me. Even when I'm not there for myself," he says.

If you mention his family, his eyes light up. He's a devoted husband and father and he says he owes it all to God.  "Yes, He's given me the best family I could ask for. He's also made me a better person and father."  Devin's two-year-old daughter Arianna is a loveable, energetic child and he and his wife are expecting another child in November. "I love everything about being a dad. But my favorite thing is Ari running at me full speed when I walk in the door from work."

Devin, you are a true blessing to the Military Ministry!


Darlynne - Military Ministry Leader



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