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Ryane Sanchez has been a military spouse for 15 years and during that time, she's learned a lot about herself and God. Her husband Archie  reached the rank of Senior Chief as an Aviation Boatswain mate on board the USS Ronald Reagan. He was selected for commission, and is now serving as the Aviation Fuels Maintenance Officer on board the USS Essex.  The couple along with their three kids (Adalicia is 15, Jordyn is 13, and Julius is 6) moved to San Diego seven years ago.  "We love it here. The weather is beautiful, there's so much to do and we found an amazing church," Ryane says.

But it hasn't always been picture perfect. Two years ago, Ryane lost her only sister while her husband was gone on a six-month deployment.  It was a dark and lonely time for Ryane but as we all know, God's timing is always perfect.  "While searching the web for a support group, I came upon the Rock's Grief share ministry. Heartbroken and alone, I decided to attend one of the Sunday services. That day, I felt the Lord's presence for the first time and I have been coming back ever since. Its  been 2 years," says Ryane.

The Philadelphia native says God's goodness is never ending. "God has blessed me with so much more then I deserve, miracles by the dozen, brought peace during pain, love during loss, and has remade me into His own. He has answered every prayer, has never left me, and has restored my marriage when we had nothing more to give."   Helping other military wives and active duty women is a passion Ryane doesn't take lightly.  "Worry runs deep and the demands at home can be filled with tension and anxiety. "Through those hardships, I have learned and continue to learn to rely on the Lord and give my will to him. In return, he has blessed me immensely with comfort, peace, happiness and a greater appreciation for the freedoms I have in this country. I have found purpose in this life when I strive to follow His plans and wait what He has in store. It may not be an easy path but whose life is? We are promised that although it isn't easy, the blessings that come after are far greater than we could ever imagine." 

Ryane's Military Women's LIFE group is held every Thursday at 6pm in Point Loma. For more information, you can contact Ryane directly at  You can also contact the Military Ministry at

The Military Ministry is blessed to have Ryane Sanchez on our team.  Thank you Ryane for all that you do for God's Kingdom!


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