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When I stepped up more than three years ago to lead this ministry, I had no idea what God had in store for me. They say God always has a plan and wow, did He ever. During my leadership, He taught me so many humbling lessons. I definitely stumbled & made some mistakes but thanks to His grace, I was always able to get back up. Over the years, God brought me some amazing friendships and through those relationships, my life became an incredible journey. 

God also did some awesome things IN and THROUGH this ministry. He birthed the idea of Boots Off, a Rock Your City Event that blessed military families with complimentary school back packs, free hair cuts, food, gift cards, entertainment and so much more!  Our ministry also launched its first ever Military Marriage Conference and in 2016, we became a CORE Ministry. 

Although God has done a lot with this ministry, we believe He is far from done. In fact, we believe he has some news things up His sleeve.  As some of you know, this year I stepped down so we are now looking for a new leader. I'm excited to see who God will bring us but until then, we're in good hands as our Interim leader is Patty Kalaye. Patty is not only a strong leader, she's a faithful servant who is passionate about the Military. 

As we enter this next chapter, it's clear God is building a new leadership team. We are looking for great men and women of God so if you or someone you know would like to serve alongside us, please email us at  We'd love to hear from you! 



Darlynne Menkin - Military Ministry 

(Above Photo: In addition to being Sisters in Christ, Patty & I are East Coast people who love our San Diego lifestyle. This is Patty & I on a recent walk in La Jolla.  The below photo is me and my big bro, COL DJ Reyes when he visited SD


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