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If you're new to San Diego you may not be aware of the signifcance of our military community which represents a significant segment of the greater San Diego population and culture. I've served on active duty for 24 years and know from personal experience the stresses and sacrifices that military members and their families make while serving. As a ministry we have a tremendous opportunity to impact this community. According to a 2012 San Diego County study, California has the largest concentration of military personnel and dependents in the US and San Diego has the largest concentration within the state. Specifically, there are over 110,000 active duty and over 118,000 family members which is about 7.5% of San Diego County’s population. Over 60% of the family members are children. Lastly, incidence of divorce and child abuse among military families is considerably higher than the general population. Think about it!

What an opportunity! As we aligned ourselves to the Rock, its mission and vision for San Diego our purpose in this ministry is clear. We want to connect with San Diego’s military community to SAVE, EQUIP and SEND. The opportunities to bring PERVASIVE HOPE to this community are plentiful. This community has made sacrifices both personal and professional so that we can enjoy the liberty that we sometimes take for granted. The cost of these sacrifices sometimes result in great personal pain such as PTSD, divorce and abuse and even the ultimate sacrifice of life itself.

If you have an interest, a  passion or a burden for the military and their families we invite you to join us in serving this special community. Email us, check out what we're up to on Facebook at Rock Military Ministry.


Rich Mendez

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