Children With Special Needs

Miracle 139

What is Miracle 139

Our name, Miracle 139, comes from Psalm 139:14 which says, "Body and soul, I am marvelously made!" We know each person - each child - is a miraculous gift from God without blemish or mistake.  We know God had a special love for children (Matthew 19:14) and for persons with special needs (Luke 14:13-14) so we desire to love these children as Christ loves them!

We also believe every child has the ability to learn about the hope and love we have in Jesus Christ!  Our ministry embraces the specific gifts of each child in a way that enables them to learn about Jesus. Whether through specialized classrooms designed to provide an indivdualized, sensory-friendly learning environment, or through buddy support for children who are able to be included with their peers in the 'regular' children's ministry classrooms, we want every child to have an incredible children's ministry experience. Email [email protected] for more information!

Beyond Sunday Mornings
Our ministry for children with special needs and their families goes beyond the Sunday classrooms. We also offer:

  • Parent Bible Study - every other Tuesday evening (during the school year). Childcare is provided with advance notice. 
  • Parent Date Night - 3-4 times per year
  • Community outreach events - 1-2 times per year (i.e. Day at the Beach, Summer Sports Spectacular, etc.)
  • Resource and training events for parents
  • Equipping and training special needs ministry volunteers

We pray that you include our ministry in your prayers and if God puts it on your heart, contact us about getting involved!!


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