Muslim Outreach

Conversations for Christ


Our VISION is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to beloved Muslims domestically as well as globally by training followers of Christ in sharing the gospel through small outreach teams who grow in spiritual maturity which increases their confidence.

For Muslims:

  • Take the gospel of Jesus Christ to beloved Muslims every Friday at their places of worship
  • Teach and instruct Muslims who are open to the gospel
  • Follow up with Muslims after initial outreach
  • Share the gospel of Jesus Christ to Islamic and other refugees and connect them with churches and Christians in America

For Christians:

  • Train and equip Christians in sharing the gospel with Muslims
  • Form teams who work together encouraging each other to grow in spiritual maturity and confidence
  • Encourage and instruct younger generations in effective witnessing through bi-weekly training and outreach
  • Increase awareness in churches for the necessity to fight the antichrist spirit of Islam through prayer, fasting, and witnessing

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