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Unity 4 Orphans


  1. To raise awareness and inspire action. To create and mobilize communities that are passionately committed to improving the quality of life for orphans living in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cambodia and Haiti.

  2. To make a meaningful impact in the lives of orphans. To provide financial, emotional, medical, educational and spiritual support to orphan communities.

  3. To build consistent relationships. To grow a network of global disciples committed to building relationships with orphans as well as the local organizations that directly support orphan communities.

  4. To create successful fundraising initiatives and events. To create a horizontal system of giving that is simple, fun and sustainable through the Change 4 Change program, humanitarian ecommerce on, and other fundraising initiatives.

  5. To change the lives and hearts of those who serve. To inspire transformation in the lives of those who serve by building a community that facilitates spiritual growth and provides opportunities to make a real difference.