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Free From Shame

Do you have a shame-based nature?

Most survivors for sexual abuse are rooted or grounded in shame. We carry shame that is not ours to carry. The curse and power of shame can be broken off from you through the power of Jesus Christ. We know from Isaiah that the Lord has promised to remove the shame and dishonor from us so the we remember it no more. In fact, God has promised He will pour out upon us a two fold blessing.  Isaiah 61:7 tells us we will possess double what we have lost, and we will have everlasting joy. Double for our trouble - now that's good news. 

How can you shake off this shame?

Take your stand on the Word of God. Become rooted and grounded, not in shame and dishonor, but in the love of Christ, being complete in Him.

 Ask the Lord to work a healing miracle in your mind, will and emotions. Let Him come in and fulfill what He came to do: heal your broken heart, bind up your wounds, give you beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, a garment of praise instead of heaviness, and a double honor for a double shame according to Isaiah 61:1-3.

Determine that from this moment on you are going to reject the roots of bitterness, shame, negativism, and perfectionism, and nourish the roots of joy, peace, love, and power. 

By faith, draw the bloodline of Jesus Christ across your life and boldly declare that you are healed from the pains and wounds of your past; you have been set free to live a new life of health and wholeness. Continue to praise the Lord and confess His Word over yourself, claiming His forgiveness, cleansing, and healing. 

Stop blaming yourself and feeling guilty, unworthy, and unloved. Start believing and telling yourself the truth, "If God is for me, who can be against me? God loves me, and I love myself. I am free!!!"

Contact: [email protected] if you struggle with feeling shame. You are not alone. 

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