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Whether you are a new comer to the ministry and on your journey to heal or God has healed you through this ministry and has lead you to the next journey of your life.  Please share with us your testimony.  To protect those who do not wish to give their names, you may remain anonymous.

After 14 years ofbeing saved and faithfully serving the Lord I felt "stuck." I wasgetting nowhere spiritually and it was affecting my everyday life, and thosearound me. As I attended a women’s event, I found a "single" flyer(yes, I now believe it was there just for me) an invitation to join a Wednesdaysupport group for women called "I Will Stand For You." I felt a stirin my spirit and decided to check it out. From day one the Lord startedspeaking to me! Guiding me through past hurts and pain, freeing me from fears,healing me and securing me in His love. I'm so grateful to God first andforemost and for these women that are brave enough to share their story andtestimony and are there to truly support you. I have gained my freedom and truefriendships thru this group... God bless you for what you do! ~ Ely R.

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Sarah Montijo

East County Ministry Leader

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