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International Outreach

Silent Voices has been privileged to take our ministry to many different countries and cultures, including Zambia (Central Africa), Russia, Romania, India, and Israel.  We've also been blessed to support a ministry in Hungary called "Shout for Life!"  Our international Directors work in very difficult circumstances - often going without food for days - but they persevere despite the hardship because they know that they must speak for LIFE in their own country.

Our Director in Kolchugino, Russia actually ministers inside the Women's Clinic on the days that abortions are being performed, standing in the hallway just outside the door into the room where the procedures are taking place.  We've been there with her, and it's a horrifying experience, yet Vika goes twice a week, every week.

Our Directors in Volgograd and St Petersburg provide pregnancy support and counseling - and they go into Russian_Directors.jpgthe public schools, bringing the message that the only "safe sex" is no sex until marriage, and educating the youth about the truth of unborn life.

On average, a Russian woman will have 10+ abortions before she reaches the end of her childbearing years.  The government recognizes that they are not replacing themselves - more Russians are dying than are being born.  They've instituted a new program that will pay a woman approximately $300 if she has a child and it survives until the age of 3 (their fear is that if they give the woman the money at the time of the birth, she HPIM0161.JPGwill either abandon the baby or kill it).

Our Director in Kitwe, Zambia, has expanded her ministry to include an orphanage, a boy's village, and a girl's village is in the development stage.  They also offer a maternity home where girls who have been living on the streets can live, receive their pre-natal care, and learn a trade so that they can support themselves once their baby is born.  HIV/AIDS is rampant in this country, and many of the children in the orphanage are infected.

One thing we've learned over the years is that women are women - it doesn't matter where they live - whether their skin is white or black - women are women.  AND - women want the same things - they want to be able to provide for their children. They want to be able to feed and clothe them.  They want a good life for their child.  AND - women who have abortions hurt, regardless of where they live, or how prevalent and "acceptable" abortion may be in their culture.zambia.jpgRussians_with_Steph.jpgMoms_with_children.JPGStephanie_with_children.jpg

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