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Silent Voices

Post Abortion Trauma


It's an ugly word.  

It's a painful experience.  

It's a deep, dark secret that no one can know about.  

It's a lifetime of shame and regret.

If it's happened to you, there is Hope - Help - and Healing!

Whether you struggle with depression - low self-esteem - eating disorders - abusive relationships - drug/alcohol abuse - guilt - unable to trust self or others - or any number of other feelings and behaviors associated with post abortion trauma - REAL change is possible!

Silent Voices offers a unique weekend "retreat" for women who have experienced an abortion and realize that they need help.  The weekends are offered 4-5 times a year, and are LIFE CHANGING!

If you - or someone you know - has had an abortion, please contact us.  We can help put the pieces of your life back together - and help you enter into the deep, intimate relationship with God that your heart desires.  We're here to help.....because we care.


[email protected]