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Silent Voices

Wedding Bells!

Rose and Israel were married at 3:30pm on 3/30/17!  They've been together for along time, and we've been talking to them about getting married for as long as we've been working with them.  They finally took the leap!  We're so proud of them!

Marcela and Ismael have been involved in the Bridges to Motherhood program for  a few years, and they finally made the decision to get married this summer - before the birth of their third child!  We are SO proud of them for taking this step!

Leslie and Ismael have been part of our Bridges to Motherhood program for two years.  They came to us in very difficult circumstances - and abortion seemed like the easy "solution" to the mess of their lives.  BUT - they came to us first, and they chose life for their son!  We continued to work with them, encouraging them in their relationship with God and with each other - and they expressed a desire to get married and make their union right in the eyes of God.  We were able to bless them with a simple ceremony on Friday, October 9th! Our ministry isn't just about "saving babies" - we do that - but we do so much more!  We work to provide the support and encouragement needed to allow for transformation to become a reality!  Leslie and Ismael are just one of many couples we are helping!