Why 6 months and ID rules

Over the course of 4 years the ministry has had the honor to host ministry gatherings, missions, events, Live Sessions and fellowship trips. We have seen a host of individuals come and go as well; people enjoying each other's company and growing in fellowship and still others actually getting married through the ministry.

We've also had other experiences, ones that we can't describe in detail for various reasons. In short, 6 months "please don't date" isn't just a rule to force you not to date; we have found that true character can't be hidden, but can be camouflaged especially under the guise of Christian fellowship as 6 months may give you time to really see if giving your personal information out (phone number or address) is a good idea or not to that individual who says that they are Christian. Plus, we really want to establish that MACs is not a "hook-up" or "meat market" ministry.

Protect you is what we do as leaders, because individuals who do not have your best interest; whether male or female, have visited the ministry and only because of God's supernatural workings and protection have we been protected against unscrupulous activities and individuals who display a "different" type of fruit.

What we are trying to say is that these protections are in place for your benefit and we are hoping that you would see that we truly care for you all. When we ask for your ID at the door before the Live Sessions and state the 6 month "please don't date" rule we aren't trying to be mean, divisive or unfair. We love you dearly and as your ministry shepherds (who are background checked) we desire to minister to you effectively and also to protect you. You are loved and we will continue to follow these guidelines. If you do not feel comfortable following these guidelines with us, we understand, but we will not bend even to first time visitors or MACs long time attendees; this is our ministry boundary.

We love you and hope that you "get" what we are saying without us having to say things specifically. We are almost, in some ways, weeding people out for you. Please come and fellowship with us because doing it this way has had tremendous Godly and positive effects on the people who find fellowship here.

God bless you! Welcome to MACs!

MACs Ministry Leadership Crew

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