Rock Singles Worship Coordinator

We are seeking an experienced worship leader with connections in the worship community to coordinate various individuals or groups to lead during our Rock Singles Live sessions.

Position Overview: The Worship Leader will facilitate the worship experience for our monthly Rock Singles Live sessions.

Responsibilities and Duties:

*  Act as the liaison between the Rock Church Facilities staff and the Rock Singles worship team(s).

* Lead worship or book worship teams to lead worship.

* Send email a week before the event to all concerned staff about:

- who will be leading worship

- what sound equipment is needed

- song choice and lyrics (to be sent to whomever is responsible for displaying the lyrics)

- setup time

- sound check time 

- and any other details needed for the evening session.

* Attend monthly leadership/volunteer meetings and Live sessions.

* One-year commitment.

Click HERE to download the Rock Singles Ministry Volunteer Application. Submit your completed application to [email protected].

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