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Spiritual Wellness is a ministry thats offers stretching and strengthening classes, as an alternative to yoga, to the church and community. 

Activate your heart! Reach out to others! Receive and give the love of our Lord at an upcoming outreach opportunity... 

Upcoming Opportunities!

Graduation Community Class: Saturday, May 4, 10-11 a.m., Point Loma Rock Church Campus, Room 235. We would be honored if you would join us! Come  worship and workout with the first graduating class of our 2019 Christ-centered Fitness Instructor Training. Trainees will be leading this stretching and strengthening class (for women only) as part of their course commitment. It is a beautiful way to celebrate & see God's hand at work in the lives of others. 

Get on our email list, stay current with class schedules, announcements and events - be the first to know! Simply email thru the link below and say hi! We will say hi too for the followup and get your info!

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Also, visit our Facebook page to see current upcoming events -

What are some ways I can get involved with Spiritual Wellness? 

So glad you asked! here are some ways....

Come to a weekly class! Bring a friend! See the class schedule here -

Attend a wellness workshop for women. Schedule is posted at:

Join the ministry support team - we are looking for volunteers that are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and are willing to be last in order to glorify God. As servants of the Most High, we stand directly in the face of worldly worship in the fitness industry by offering Christ centered opportunities such as "Body and Soul", a volunteer sewing group that creates mat bags that we in turn give away and sell to raise scholarships for the annual firness instructor training. We gather in the late summer for a day-long photo shoot and time to minister to young women dealing with body image/self-worth issues. Spiritual Wellness serves at the Women's ministry weekly bible studies and annual retreat, teaching stretch classes while reinforcing the word spoken in the sanctuary. If these examples speak to you or some of the other oportunities listed, please contact us! Some areas of need are - events, hospitality, instruction and leadership, creative design, sewing/craftmanship, instrumental worship, photo/videography, administrative, morning/evening childcare, prayer. Contact Hillary (East County instructor/campus leader) for more information:[email protected]

Grow in your walk with Christ and answer His call on your life - become a Christ-centered fitness instructor. See current training program info here -

Support what we do, to glorify God, by giving monetarily. All donations go toward helping other women, and the house of faith, be educated and fortified in God's truth through our outreach endeavors. Specifically, through the Christ-centered fitness instructor and ministry training by offering scholarships to pay for a 2 year group fitness instructor certification, renewing current instructor certifications so they can continue to serve the Lord in this ministry and also fund the purchase of marketing tools such as rave cards. Thank you so much for your support! To donate, start here please

May God bless you and find favor in your wellness - heart, soul, mind and body.

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