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After Shock

Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Risk Factors

Previous suicide attempts

Mental Illness and / or Substance abuse

Recent loss ( job or loved one)

Access to lethal means

Health concerns

 Direct verbal cues                 indirect verbal cues

I’m going to kill myself                   My family (or you) would be better off without me

I wish I were dead                           Nobody needs me

I don’t want to be alive                 You won’t have to be around me much longer

Immediate danger signs – Call 9-1-1  or Access and crisis Line 1-888-724-7240

Threatening to kill self

Seeking  firearms , pills, or other lethal means

Warning signs

Marked personality change

Withdrawing from Friends, family and society

Frequent complaints about physical symptoms

Paying off debts/ getting affairs in order

 Unable to sleep or sleeps all the time

Unusual neglect of personal appearance

Increasing alcohol or drug use

Dramatic mood change( suddenly very calm)

Anxiety, agitation. Uncontrolled anger

What to do

Don’t leave the person alone, Stay with them until help arrives or they are safely at a mental health provider office

Remove firearms ,drugs, alcohol or sharp objects that could he used in an attempt

For life threatening emergencies or immediate response call  9-1-1

Contact the Access and Crisis Line at 888-724-7240