Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach surfing?

Our ministry is focused on reaching out to people who already surf. We are not an equipped surf school. If you would like to learn to surf be sure to check out a permitted surf school with trained and certified surf instructors. 

How do I get involved?

-  Men's and Women's Bible Studies:  1st, 2nd, 3rd Monday of each month

-  Volunteer Events:  Through the year we join with other organizations to serve and love on the surf community in San Diego.  See "get involved" link.

-  Facebook: 

Why Water, what does that mean?

The vision behind the Water Ministry comes from the idea of incorporating watermen and waterwomen into a ministry. Currently our primary focus is to reach out to surfers.  We are hoping to become a ministry that reaches out to more people who are involved with ocean sports including: stand up paddle boarders, spear fishers, bodyboarders, body surfers, free divers, etc.  

I have gear but I am not that good at surfing?

All levels are welcome. We surf at various breaks that can cater to different levels, from slow rollers at Tourmaline to fast hollow barrels at Blacks.

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