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About Rock Thrift Store

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Our Mission:

Our purpose is to support our community, cultivate outreach opportunities, and ensure we serve as a model of how God is real and present in San Diego and beyond.

Our Vision:

We seek to share the real, present and pervasive love of Jesus to the communities of San Diego and beyond through a welcoming, affordable retail experience, partnerships with first responders to provide for those in crisis situations, and donations to outreach programs serving the poor and needy.

Our Values:

These are the beliefs that best identify how we feel God has called us to live out the mission of the Rock Thrift Store. Our values are those beliefs that we hold most important as we live out the statement of faith. Our values are:


    Submitted to Jesus Christ

    Excellence as a Standard

    Results are Essential

    Value People

    Attitudes that Inspire

    Nurture Personal Growth

    Team Player

    Stewardship that Maximizes