Tijuana House Building


The TJ Housebuilding Ministry is the oldest ministry at the Rock Church, and God continues to use the ministry to bless the lives of thousands of people through a mission trips into Tijuana.

Ways to Give:

    1) Credit Card online, click here!  

    2) Cash/check during the offering (put TJ housebuilding on the memo line or on the envelope)

Amount to Give:

    1) $850 will pay for 1 house and 17 volunteers

    2) $50 will provide a waiver for one person to go.

 Not everyone has the money to attend and we don't want anyone to be discouraged from serving God.

The TJ Housebuilding ministry relies on your donations to help cover the costs for these missionaries.  The trip cost includes the preparation, the tools, and the building materials for each house.

We ask that you prayerfully consider donating and being a part of this TJ Housebuilding life changing experience.

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