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We had a great open house.  I’d like to thank all the members who worked so hard to make the event successful and welcomed our guests.  Good Times!  As a special event, we had a Table Topics Tournament.  For Table Topics, a speaker has 1-2 minutes to answer a question.  We had 3 Table Topic Masters – Darren, Shellie, and David.  Each TT Master selected 4 audience members to come on stage and answer a question.  

Team Darren had to give a toast and honor someone for a special occasion.  Team Shellie had to read a bible verse and explain its meaning.  Team David gave unsolicited advice to famous people.  At the end of the three rounds, the TT Master selected one team member to advance to the final championship round. All of the speakers did a great job and impressed the audience.  

Although there were many excellent performances, alas, there could be only one.  The final competitors are listed below.

  • Christine represented Team Darren
  • Adriana represented Team Shellie
  • Dana represented Team David. 

It was a close competition and the secret judges huddled for the final results. 

Winner – Dana won 1st prize for her unsolicited advice to Jeff Bezos of Amazon.  She was pleasantly surprised that one of her prizes was an Amazon gift card.  

Finalists:  Adriana did a heartwarming interpretation of a bible verse and Christine gave a fabulous commencement speech to high school graduates.  

Congratulations to all of the competitors.  Great Job!!!


CANCELLED - April 22, regular meeting. Our next meeting on April 22 has been cancelled because the building is closed. PLEASE NOTE that the Open House is still on for April 29th. We would love for you to join us.

APRIL 2019

TABLE TOPIC TIPS:  BE CONFIDENT WHEN CALLED ON (Toastmasters Magazine - August 2016)

"To me, spontaneous speaking refers to any situation where you are asked to speak off the cuff and in the moment. The reality is that spontaneous speaking is much more prevalent than planned speaking (e.g., presentations). Think of being called on to introduce someone to others, or having your boss ask you for feedback on a new idea, or handling questions at the end of a meeting.  These situations occur all of the time. As all Toastmasters know, Table Topics is a great way to practice this skill.  To boost your skills, combine your Table Topics practice with the following…

TIP #1: Get out of your own way. The first thing that gets in your way when speaking off the cuff is you. Your desire to do well, to give the right answer, to have your feedback be meaningful and memorable, actually works against you. Before you speak, you likely judge what you intend to say and weigh it against your internal criteria: What I plan to say isn’t___ (fill in the blank… insightful, helpful, worthy, relevant, etc.). This pre-speaking evaluation inhibits you.

Rather than striving for greatness, dare to just accomplish the task at hand—answer the question, provide the feedback, introduce your colleague. Reduce the pressure you put on yourself and you will increase your chances of doing well. Simply put: Setting greatness as your goal gets in the way of you getting there. Of course, this is easier said than done. You are working against the muscle memory you’ve developed over the course of your life with a brain that reacts very quickly to help you solve problems. But by giving yourself permission to respond in the moment, rather than get it “right,” you can get out of your own way and speak well."

OPEN HOUSE - TABLE TOPICS.  At the Open House, we are going to focus on Table Topics.  “Table Topics® is a long-standing Toastmasters tradition intended to help members develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic.” Table Topics are fun and engaging for the entire audience.  There will be food and prizes!!  See you there.

OPEN HOUSE:  Join us for our next open house on April 29, 2019.

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