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ROLE: TOASTMASTER -  The Toastmasters Checklist

ROLE: EVALUATOR.  TOASTMASTERS - Evaluation is the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. You observe the speeches and leadership roles of your fellow club members and offer evaluations of their efforts, and they do the same for you. As evaluator you:

• Ask those you’ve been assigned to evaluate what they will present and what they wish to achieve

• Provide objective verbal and written evaluations for speakers

• When giving any evaluation, offer praise as well as constructive criticism.

Effective Evaluations - Toastmasters Handbook re Speech Evaluations

Instructions for General Evaluator

ROLE(S) AH COUNTER / GRAMMARIAN.  These roles are often paired together.  This role helps speakers to improve vocabulary, grammar, and critical listening skills.

TOASTMASTERS:  The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any overused words or filler sounds used as a crutch by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections, such as and, well, but, so and you know. Sounds may be ah, um or er. As Ah-Counter you:

•    Request a copy of the Ah-Counter’s log from your sergeant at arms. If a log is not available, be prepared to take notes.

•    When introduced during the club meeting, explain the role of the Ah-Counter.

•    In the Ah-Counter’s log, record overlong pauses, overused words and filler sounds relied upon too often by all speakers. Examples include: and, but, so, you know, ah, um.

•    During the evaluation portion of the meeting, report your observations when called upon.

TOASTMASTERS: The grammarian plays an important role in helping all club members improve their grammar and vocabulary. As grammarian you:

•    Introduce new words to meeting participants and monitor language and grammar usage

•    Write down the language and grammar usage of all speakers, noting incomplete sentences, mispronunciations, grammatical mistakes, non-sequiturs, malapropisms, etc. Example: "One in five children wear glasses" should be "one in five children wears glasses."

•    At the end of the meeting, give your complete report when called on.

•    Optional: Introduce a "Word of the Week" that helps meeting participants increase their vocabulary; display the word, part of speech, and a brief definition with a visual aid and prepare a sentence showcasing how the word should be used. Note who uses this word or any derivatives thereof correctly or incorrectly during the meeting. 

Word of the Week:

Explanation of Roles – Toastmasters explanation of Ah Counter and Grammarian.

Grammarian Worksheet - Excel

Ah Counter Form


Table Topics Master - Checklist for Role

Explanation of Role - Video

Sample Intro - Video

Speaking Tips – How to respond to Table Topic Questions

Evaluation Tips – These tips can be used for any evaluation.

ROLE: Timer.

Instructions Timer

Timer App

Timer Form 4.10.17

Sample Worksheet

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