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Feature Stories

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Recent Stories: 

Just Say the Word by MALLORY SIMMONS

It's Not a Coincidence, It's God by SYLVIA THOMPSON

Story Archives: 

Changing Lives through Second Chances- by Diane Hoskins

One Face in a Sea of People- by Joshua Hilliard

What a Ride- The Thrill of Giving Back by Diane Hoskins for Bikes for Kids

Stirring the Wonder- Angel Tree Event by Janet Etchells

Fit to Serve- by Ayme Mower for the Fitness Ministry

Destiny Chased Me Down- by Janet Etchells for IMPACT195

The Greatest of These is Love- by Deven Tillman for NKAFL

On Wings Like Eagles by Sandie Torres for Self Defense Ministry

Stay in the Game- Lisa's Story by Laverne Ung for the Tennis Ministry

The Cure for Invisibility by Kristina Davis for the Homeless Ministry

PraiseMoves-Rock Wellnes by Cherise M. Young

Called to Go-Caleb's Story for IMPACT195  by Cheryl Stone

HIM-Michelle Kassa's Home Makeover by Elizabeth Stump

Rock Military Ministry Celebrates USS Harper Ferry's Homecoming by Denise Watkins

Introducing...Absolute Truth- Gospel Jazz Band by Liz James


Helping Hands of Jesus by Liz James for the Home Repair Ministry

Never Lose Faith-Mark and Elysia's Story by Dena Sutton for the Adoption Ministry

Safe in Heaven-Ryan and Michelle's Story by Dena Sutton for the Adoption Ministry

Love Redeemed-Roberta's Story by Cheryl Stone for NKAFL

Love Redeemed Part 2-Joseph's Story by Cheryl Stone for NKAFL

Abandonment-Carly's Story by Viv Anderson for NKAFL

No More Shame-Arthur's Story by Cheryl Stone for Agape Road

Heartbreak-Bethany's Story by Vivi Anderson for NKAFL

Lesson Plans

Why Do We Hold onto Pain- Lesson Plan for NKAFL by Bill Stone

The Cross versus Fingers Crossed by Liz James


Deals, Decisions, and Destiny (novel excerpt) by Krystal Yon