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Hey Bro - Junior High Boys Series

preview_full_HeyBro16EventPage.jpgIt's that time again. 

That time when high schoolers from around the county converge onto one of four Rock Campuses for the Rock Youth Hey Gurl and Hey Bro Series. 

This year, Hey Gurl and Hey Bro will be held at Rock Church Point Loma, East County, North County, San Isidro and City Heights campuses. 

This junior high series splits the gals and the fellas and magic happens. We bring in A-list speakers, specialty food items, a special daily devotional, unique community service opportunities, and for fun….prizes from Forever 21, H&M, Starbucks, Teavana, Aeropostle, PacSun, UrbanOutfitters, AmericanEagle, Etc.  

For the ladies, CLICK HERE

This is a series that is much talked about. Come see why.  

And we haven’t even mentioned The Vow yet. The Hey Bro and Hey Gurl series culminate in the boldest event of the year as our high school students commit to purity in front of hundreds of family and friends.  

Hey Bro launches on Wednesday, March 2, at 6:30pm. 

  • Week One - Men in Black
  • Week Two - Double Agent
  • Week Three - Mission Impossible
  • Week Four - Secret Service
  • Week Five - Blueprints
  • Week Six - Bro Code
  • Week Seven - BOTS
  • April 16 - THE VOW

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