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Hope Leadership Academy


HLA is a comprehensive year round youth ministry that seeks to ensure that youth from fatherless homes in underserved communities receive support, guidance and a plan to break the cycles of divorce, poverty and hopelessness.

Hope Leadership Academy has helped improve GPA scores, seen more consistent school attendance, and provided one-on-one mentoring to empower more students with hope and a positive future.  We believe in, first, being a model, to mentor, and encourage kids to excel in all that they do by supporting their efforts in education, goal setting and positive reinforcement.  Second, to provide structure, support and guidance in developing their character by meeting their spiritual and physical needs in a very tangible way.  Third, to model and teach each child how to serve, respect and give back to the community.  In doing this we will pave the way for each child to pursue their goals and dreams.

If you desire more information or wish to volunteer at some of the upcoming youth sports clinics email Willie or visit website