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How Low Will You Go?

Latest Message · June 28, 2015
In this message, Pastor George speaks about how we are transformed when we accept Jesus into our lives. He challenges us to humble ourselves by focusing on Jesus and letting Jesus' love work through us to touch others.


This 8-part series teaches us how we can best love in a way others are designed to receive it, and love in the God-glorifying way we were designed to give it.
True Lovers
April - June 2015
This 4-part series challenges us to use our story to encourage people in Jesus' name.
My Story
March - February 2015
This 3-part series answers the question, How do we get fed spiritually?
Presence of God
February 2015
This 4-part series asks what will God do through the Rock Church in 2015.
To Be Determined
January - December 2014
This 3-part series examines what would happen if you prayed and asked God for His Kingdom agenda.
Thy Will Be Done
November - December 2014
This 5-part series reveals the power that comes from knowing the names of God.
Hallowed Be Thy Name
October - November 2014
This 5-part series explores how Jesus lived and prayed, and how He spoke with God.
What If?
September - October 2014
This 6-part series examines what it means to have God's kingdom on earth and how to release God's power in your life.
This 6-part series examines what it means to have the kingdom of God on earth and how to release God's power in your life.
Thy Will Be Done
March - May 2014
This 4-part series examines what it really means to the have the kingdom of God here on earth and how to release the power of God in your life.
Kingdom Come
February - March 2014
This 4-part series explores how God wants us to trust Him in all situations and with everything we have.
A Matter of Trust
January 2014
This 6-part series explores our part in God's plan - to love and bless the world one person at a time.
The Plan
October - November 2013