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Special Guest Michael Jr.

Latest Message · January 14, 2018
In this message, special guest Michael Jr. explains how God has given each of us resources and talents and has called us to use them to do something in His kingdom.


This 5-part series examines the identity God has given us and teaches us how to walk confidently in that calling.
Who Are You?
November - December 2017
This 4-part series challenges us to have an ALL IN Heart that God can continually use to accomplish His work.
All In
October - November 2017
This 9-part series examines scriptures that look into God’s Kingdom and our place within it.
Kingdom Warrior
August - October 2017
This 4-part series reveals how God is truly the author of our lives, guiding us through our journey.
At The Movies
July 2017
This 6-part series explores practical ways to live like the men and women God called us to be.
May - June 2017
This 7-part series shares biblical principles to create healthy relationships modeled after the Trinity.
Relationship Goals
March - May 2017
This 3-part series shares the mission of Rock Church and calls us to join the movement.
Save, Equip, Send
February 2017
This 4-part series calls us to trust God with our whole lives.
A Matter of Trust
January 2017
This 4-part series examines the true meaning of Christmas and how we can refocus on Jesus.
Giving Up Christmas
December 2016
This 6-part series reveals what it looks like to take ownership of our spiritual journey.
October - November 2016
This 5-part series takes a deeper look at pain to reveal how pain cannot outrun God's victory and triumph.
Pain: Where is God?
September - October 2016
This 4-part series looks at recent films in a Biblical context, exploring themes like good, evil, victory, destruction, and redemption.
At The Movies
August - September 2016