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Resurrection Proof

Latest Message · April 20, 2014
In this message, Pastor Miles examines proofs in the Bible that point to the Resurrection of Jesus. Without the Resurrection, there is no basis for Christianity.


This 6-part series examines what it means to have the kingdom of God on earth and how to release God's power in your life.
Thy Will Be Done
March - May 2014
This 4-part series examines what it really means to the have the kingdom of God here on earth and how to release the power of God in your life.
Kingdom Come
February - March 2014
This 4-part series explores how God wants us to trust Him in all situations and with everything we have.
A Matter of Trust
January 2014
This 6-part series explores our part in God's plan - to love and bless the world one person at a time.
The Plan
October - November 2013
This 4-part series explores worship: what it is, worshipping God with respect, how to prepare, and what it means to God.
September 2013
This 4-part series tackles themes of envy, love, mission, and identity in film and highlights how important and precious your life is.
In The Movies
June - July 2013
This 6-part series examines what it means to display the image of God through our lives.
God In The Mirror
April - May 2013
This 12-part series examines what it really looks like to live a life dedicated to Jesus as we study the early church in Acts.
The Life
January - March 2013
This 7-part series asks, are we Takers or Givers? Are we going to give of ourselves so we can receive what God has for us?
The Source
November - December 2012
This 6-part series reveals how our true family of origin is rooted in Christ. Despite our past, our future can be redeemed.
Family of Origin
September 2012
This 4-part series explores the idea that God is the great director and ultimate screenwriter, and He has a role for you.
In The Movies
August 2012
This 8-part series uses celebrity culture to display how Jesus models unconditional love.
May - July 2012