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Part 1, The Power of Your Story
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The most powerful story you have is your story. Your life is a story about what you’ve been through, about what God is doing in your life, and no matter how long you have been walking in faith, your story continues. He can take your difficult and devastating moments, and use them to encourage one—or a multitude. What if you shared that story so that others who are walking down the same path of darkness might come into the light and experience the life-changing power of the gospel?

In this message series, Pastor Miles reminds us that it will be God’s power helping others through what He has done in your life. Take his challenge to ask God to break your heart for those who need Him, then allow your story to be used in a powerful way to encourage countless people, in Jesus’ name. Make yourself available and say, “Here I am, Lord!" 

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Messages in This Series

My Story - Part 1, The Power of Your Story

Miles McPherson | Mar 1, 2015

My Story - Part 2, I Was

Miles McPherson | Mar 8, 2015

My Story - Part 3, I Was, Part II

Miles McPherson | Mar 15, 2015

My Story - Part 4, Since Then

Miles McPherson | Mar 22, 2015

Right now counts forever. So do something.