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Part 9, The Good Life, Part 2
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In a world filled with noise and distractions, it’s important to make room for meaningful conversations that delve into the heart of our struggles and questions. We Need to Talk is a series that aims to provide a safe and open space to explore some of life's most pressing topics, guided by biblical wisdom and the support of our church community.

Throughout the series, we'll tackle subjects that resonate deeply with many of us. Based on a church-wide survey, these topics include:

• The purpose and meaning of life
• Love and relationships
• Anxiety and depression
• Wealth
• Forgiveness

Each week, you will receive fresh perspectives and practical advice to help you navigate these critical aspects of life. These conversations are designed to deepen your understanding and empower you to live out your faith more fully.

“We Need to Talk” is more than just an 11-week sermon series; it’s an invitation to grow together as a community. As we gather, we’ll create an environment where questions are welcomed, struggles are shared, and hope is renewed. Come ready to engage, reflect, and be transformed.
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