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26b39abf3cfa78f7e54e41ada2c5a789.jpgGet Connected Through Serving:

There is nothing like serving the next generation! If God is calling you to serve in our ministry we want you to know there is a place with us! Not only do we serve the teenagers of San Diego, we are a family that gathers outside and inside of the ministry! You can serve on Sundays during one of our Sunday Church services or even during the week on Wednesday for our Youth Midweek service!

 You will often here at the Rock that "Do Something Is Our Response," and you will here that here in High School Ministries all the time! We are raising a "Do Something Generation," and we want you to be part of it! 

To serve in our ministry, a background check and live scan are required, but you get that information by signing up for life class first! You can complete the requirements by completing this form here!

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