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Rock Community Chaplains offer care to community members and/or to the chaplain's workplace co-workers and their families who may have personal and professional life challenges. This care is based on building nurturing relationships between chaplains and employees, providing a level of care and assistance that is not often experienced. All relationships are optional, permission-based and confidential, so the employee is in charge of the level of assistance provided and to what extent the services benefit.

The Rock Community Chaplains offer a variety of interventions for care in the workplace or community at large. Services may include confidential crisis intervention, group interventions for trauma follow-up, critical incident team specialists, stress management consultation, professional and personal care giving, referrals of other professional agencies, training and education for employees and supervisors, employee/community/faith relations and programs and special events scheduled in response to needs which arise in the workplace. Whatever the scope of each family's situation or concerns, Rock Community Chaplains have a network of qualified and caring outsource providers that are available for assistance. The Rock Community Chaplaincy commitment is to serve a minimum of 8 hours per month in service to an area of community need.

The purpose of the Rock Community Chaplaincy ministry is to recognize equipped and called men and women to fulfill their chaplaincy role during individual or community crises in support of the mission and vision focus of Rock Church. This ministry is designed to provide appropriate and compassionate care to people affected by a traumatic situation. Chaplains are commissioned to serve in one of the following areas of need:

  1. To provide chaplain services in collaboration with a company's Employee Assistance Program in a place of employment where a chaplain is employed.
  2. To offer chaplaincy assistance to individuals and/or families served by an agency that provides crisis intervention services (e.g. emergency services agencies, hospitals, hospice. etc.).
  3. To provide chaplaincy services to the neighborhood or social connections where a chaplain resides or is involved.

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