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The purpose of the Rock Church Community Chaplaincy ministry is to bring comfort, compassion and the guidance of Jesus Christ to people in their crises and brokenness.  Rock Community Chaplains offer support throughout San Diego in a variety of settings to people who may be going through a personal, family or community life challenge. Our chaplains serve at Hospitals, with the San Diego Fire and Police Departments and at a variety of companies around our county and abroad. 

Hurricane Harvey - 2017  

San Diego Stories: 

  • One year, your Rock chaplains helped a family who just lost their 19-day old infant and the Rock Church supported them by assisting in the costs of the funeral expenses.
  • Another chaplain built a relationship with a man at Kaiser who had been a Rock attendee in years past but had no family, no friends, was blind, diabetic and on dialysis.  He had given up and had made a decision to discontinue Dialysis and die.  He was served, prayed for and loved upon where his faith was restored. The Rock family came in droves to visit him and love upon him. In time, he did pass away, but was now surrounded by new friends from the Rock family who loved him.  
  •  A Rock Chaplain at another hospital was serving a gentleman who had resisted Jesus his whole life. Through the visits he inquired about Jesus and ended up accepting Christ as his Savior and was baptized as he lay dying in a hospital bed. As his wife came in to wash her husband’s feet one day, the chaplain was reading John 13 to them where we have the account of Jesus washing thedisciples’ feet. The wife wept with joy; God’s Presence filled the room int hose precious moments.  Her husband died a few days later.  The Rock chaplains poke at his funeral and shared the awesome love of God that reached into thisman’s heart at the last hour.
  • One of our fire department chaplains was part of a team that trained 225 firefighters in Mexico about advanced fire fighting and rescue techniques.  Testimonies were also shared and the Gospel was given and all but four of them accepted JESUS astheir personal LORD and Savior. 
  • A Rock Chaplain ministered to a man and his wife who both lost their jobs and their home to foreclosure. They prayed together and Costco hired him for a butcher position in less than two weeks.  They were told that Costco never hires that fast!   They now serve on Sundays in hospitality.   
  • We also have a couple of Rock Chaplains who serve with some of the commercial airlines as crisis responders.  On one flight while seating people a young man welled up with tears.  He was connecting to his flight to Little Rock where his fiancé had been murdered, shot in the head by her ex-husband.The ex-husband then turned the gun on himself. Your chaplain was able to minister to this individual throughout the whole flight and prayed with him and he asked her then to speak to the mother of his fiancé that died later that day.
  • We have had a couple of your chaplains lead people to the Lord who used to practice witchcraft here in San Diego.  They are now being discipled and are influencing others to come to the Lord. 
  • Another chaplain ministered to a family whose 29-year old son jumped off the bay bridge to commit suicide.When his body was found the family was called and 40 people showed up onscene.  Your chaplain lead them in prayer as they all held hands together.   

Basically, whenever you hear of some tragedy in San Diego that is being reported in the news, there are often Rock Community Chaplains present as the Lord’s representative to bring comfort, care and service.  If you sense a tug in your heart to be trained to serve people in a crisis, come to the Basic Chaplaincy Training course that will be offered at the Rock Church in March.  Click the training link.  Let’s rejoice together as God is equipping an army of believers to bring pervasive hope to every street and every person in San Diego and around the world.

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