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Are you ready for another 6 weeks of Transformation!? We are back and ready to get started!

RSVP Today and join us for another 6 week boot-camp…..

RSVP Today:

You can RSVP today:

Email us at  and included the information listed below. If you are signing up with another person, make sure to include their information on a separate line as well (name, email, phone number, payment information).   

1.     Name;  Email ; Phone Number ;  Payment Information (Mailing Payment or Paying August 11th )


What to bring:

  • Water Bottle  (Waters sold for $1.00)
  • Towel or Floor Mat
  • A set of weights:

·        Beginners: Men = 8lbs – 10lbs | Women =  2lbs – 5lbs

·        Intermediate: Men= 12lbs – 15lbs | Women = 8lbs – 10lbs

   Advance: Men=20lbs – 25lbs | Women = 12lbs – 15lbs

Give back and Get Involved!!!!

Q & A:

What to Bring?

· Towel or Mat

· Water and/or sports drink

· Comfortable work out attire

· A set of weights *see website for details*

What if I never worked out ?

That is OK! We will help you and work with you every step of the way.

I work out all the time and need a Challenge?

You came to the right place! You are expected to set the tone. Our work-outs are beginning, intermediate, and advanced (and advanced plus).

What kind of workout should I expect?

The work-outs are ALWAYS different. You will never have the same work-out. Expect a variety. Expect team-work and accountability. We have 6 weeks to get a lot accomplishedexpect a challenge that will impact your life and give back to the homeless community. You will be challenged at your level! The work-outs include: strength, conditioning, endurance, sprints, weight training and much more! There will be a variety of equipment (ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, etc.) designed to challenge you and keep you excited.!

What if I have injuries?

We will modify the work-out based on your abilities.

I can only come one day a week?

That is OK! The class if offered twice a week, it is up to you. Just let our administrator now when you register.

What makes this boot-camp different?

The way it is designed. You will see average people doing extraordinary things. Its not just a physical journey, it is a spiritual experience.


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