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Testimonials & Praise Reports

This page contains actual testimonials  and praise reports from our homeless neighbors. During our conversations, I asked and received permission to write about their answers.

Assistant to the Regional Director of Photography at the Rock Church

Just wanted to give you an update.....I got the job at the Rock!  Thanks so much for all your prayer and your references.  It's been an awesome and humbling experience to see how far God has taken me in just a year.  I remember this time last year having conversations with Danny before Bread of Life discussing whether I was going to move back home to Indiana or not & trying to listen and figure out if God wanted me to stay in San Diego.  Fast forward a year and he has spoken loud and clear & I am thrilled to be in this new position and serving God and the Rock family.  If I hadn't hooked up with you, Estreanda and Danny, to make the video for the homeless ministry, I would not be where I am today.

Thanks again guys!
Chris Francis

Tee's Experience at Church Without Walls

I don't know where to start.  It was such an AMAZING experience for myself and our group.  We could not stop talking about the entire day.  My group was so touched by it that some were in tears as we shared some of our stories as we fellowshipped with the neighbors that day. 
I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Shane a neighbor there that day.  Long story short he became homeless after being addicted to meth.  He had been separated from his family for over 10 years but still had his parents phone number on a piece of paper.  As he shared his life now on the streets and then finding the Church w/out Walls Service he found that there is a way out.  However he mentioned it would have to start with him overcoming his addiction.  I told him that he was not alone and that our Almighty Father would see him through his addiction and that all it took was for him to accept Him as His Lord and Savior believe in Faith, Repent and pick up his Cross and follow Him.  Everything else would fall into place according to His Will for each and everyone of us.  I prayed with and for him.  After praying he said that seeing our group and the family bond that he missed his family.  Since I knew he had their phone number, I asked him if he wanted to place a phone call to his parents using my cell phone.  He said "I fear they may reject me".  I told him if he was ready by the end of our day that I would be more than happy to walk him through placing the call and I ended with telling him that unless he made that phone call he would never know if they would reject or even accept him.   Shortly after leaving him he approached me and asked me if he could use my cell phone.  He asked if I could just stay with him until they answered and so I did.  His family did answer and it was too emotional for me that I excused myself while he speak with his dad in private.  End result of the phone call per Shane was that he would like to go back home to Massachusetts and would pray that somehow God would make a way for it to happen. 
Praise the Lord for an awesome fellowship, there was a reason and purpose for us being out there other than serving food.  I am grateful to the Lord for using me to help someone who was in desperate need.  Thank you Danny for allowing us to help out.
May the Lord continue to bless your Ministry abundantly and Praise God for the loving, faithful and serving hearts that you all have being out there every Saturday and through out the week.  God Bless you Brother.

Mike Fabela's Wife

Last Wednesday night my wife Joan had chest pains and called 911. She said it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest. They gave her nitroglycerine and she said she immediately felt better. They admitted her to the Alvarado Hospital and did a lot of tests. They found two blocked arteries. They told my wife they would probably have to do a bypass on one and clear the other out with angioplasty.  She was ready for surgery in the next day when we prayed with her and she also received a visit from my pastor Tom Mcaloon's wife Paulette.  She used an anointing of oil as spoken about in James 5:14-16.  She is a believer and she reads the Word daily.  She is a woman of faith.  The doctors went in through the femoral artery ready to make a plan and clean up what ever was there, but when they got inside, it had been removed by God, the healer Jesus Christ.  He keeps His Word if we hold our end.  The doctors gave my wife before and after pictures of the clot and shows the area it disappeared.  They got a second opinion and confirmed she had normal arteries.  The next day she was released after observation and told to take aspirin daily.  She has a second chance to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Praise be to God.

Churches are coming together!

We have new partnerships with over 30 churches & non-profit organizations! We could not be doing what we do in the community without the help of our Partners and friends who help support the outreaches!

Easter with our Friends  - By Joan Smith

   Over 300 Easter Baskets with bibles went out into the Homeless community.  Twelve baskets left on the ground and were not taken.  Praise God the BIBLES WERE TAKEN INSTEAD!   The extra treats were left behind and we made more to give out to the community. 
John Mohn testimony:  Grown man crying because he remembered as a child getting an Easter Basket.  He thanked us and was so blessed to be thought of.  God blesses in the smalls gesture of LOVE.
Joan Smith:  Great Praise and worship, Thank you Pastor Hunter for speaking God's word.  Communion was awesome. Estreanda's testimony was moving and eye opening for the need in our neighbors community.   Volunteers that participated made God's outreach happen.  Thank you to all who put the baskets together, sent them out in the community, served at the Church without Walls service.  Thank you to the MANY HOMELESS VOLUNTEERS WHO HELPED GET GOD'S WORD OUT ON THIS OUTREACH.  THIS IS THE MOST PARTICIPATION WE HAVE HAD FROM OUR HOMELESS NEIGHBORS.
God is truly planting seeds and bringing God's men forward for his kingdom.


Hearts are Healed and Redeemed by Giving the Love of our Lord! Mona's story:

       I'll start with Mona from A & Union.  This 60+year old woman didn't want anything to do with us a couple weeks ago.  She would not accept anything we gave her, taking the water bottles and throwing them on the streets, cursing at the food, and yelling harshly at us for ministering.  At that moment I felt in my heart that this woman was hurting bad and desperately needed Jesus in her life.  Mona's world just didn't seem satisfying in her eyes.  Well, I gathered all those who were around me and began praying for the woman, who at that time we didn't even know her name.  The Lord quieted her down for the rest of the night as we left.  Thankfully, when we went out again the following week, I couldn't believe me eyes or ears!  This same woman who was once so angry and hostile had turned into the sweetest woman I had ever dealt with of the streets.  She was not only accepting God's blessings that evening, but she was also socializing, and she sounded really humble.  I immediately knew that the Holy Spirit was at work and that He began to show her a new way of living.  I went over in the middle of her conversation and hugged her and told her that Jesus loved her.  She replied, " I know that sweetie, I've been talking to Him now."  I said Praise God!  Glory be to the Lord!  I spoke to her for over 40 minutes that night, and prayed for her twice for her family, her pains, and her protection.  Then I had noticed that she only had a couple of blankets so I asked her if she needed a sleeping bag (which we were fortunate to have that night) and she said: "I've been trying to get one of those for the longest time!"  So I ran to the car to grab it and after giving it to her she said "God Bless you Danny" as tears were falling down from her eyes.  I ended it with a powerful hug and a goodnight.  As I was holding this woman in my arms I got to thinking of my grandparents and my parent and asked the Lord WHY?  Why do these people, especially the elderly, have to live like this?  The Lord sent a thought to my head making me realize that this woman was actually very fortunate compared to the lifestyles of humanity around the world.  I have been praying for Mona ever since and I ask you ALL to say a prayer for her too to keep her faith strong with the Lord.

By Danny Deddeh

Dario Finds a Job - Prayer and Petition and Thanksgiving!

       This Italian man stays around 3rd & Ash.  Since the first time I ever met him, he has always had a Bible in his hand or reading from it.  Well I'll tell you that that Bible made a great icebreaker.  Although his English isn't that strong, his faith in God was, we had plenty to talk about.  Very sweet guy going through his life's struggles just trying to get a job to support himself, get shelter off the streets, and build up his future.  Every time I spoke with this man he would quote the Bible in the different ways God was and will be helping him in his life.  I knew that the Lord was going to bless this man shortly, I had a strong feeling in my heart that Dario's personal miracle was coming soon.  This is a text from him this week after a very important job interview that we have been praying for : "Hi my friend God answer me. Psalm 91. He will call upon me. And I will answer him. I find a job. I start on Monday. Is true i trust him and he trust me. I love him. I'm so happy."  Dario has found favor with God, I've been praying for him for over a month now!  I always love hearing news like this.  I know that the Lord has our ministry blessed, he is working in so many lives simply moving the hearts of our neighbors and enlightening them with the truth according to their faith and trust.....and Dario has A LOT of faith in Jesus.  I'm so proud and happy for him.  Also, Thank Carrie James for her prayers with him too, may God bless her in her endeavors as well.  May this be a reminder to us all to be patient and content with ALL we have (little or big) and the Lord will bless us even more, by His grace, for His glory!  Thank You Dario for being a light on the streets of darkness, please everyone, a good prayer of encouragement for him as well.

By Danny Deddeh

On our fishing trip with our neighbors - We are amazed at how God works!

       Finally, I will speak of the praises and the blessings during our fishing venture.  We had a total of 15 people show up throughout the day & night at Ocean Beach Pier, 3 of which who are our neighbors.  It was our neighbors'  first time ever fishing off a pier, and fishing in the Pacific, and one of  them had the opportunity to touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time......What a blessed day we ALL had!!!  We caught a total of four fish (2 perch & 2 big Croakers) and 1 California Spiny Lobster.  All my helpers enjoyed their time on the Pier in a great atmosphere and excellent food from the OB Cafe.  Our neighbors were so glad and very VERY Thankful to just be out of their area and doing something not in their normal routine.  Because of its great success, I will be planning events like this periodically, God willing, to get more volunteers involved, church members & ministries, and of course to recruit more of our neighbors.  We will teach EVERYBODY how to be fishermen of the Lord to be able to catch the many "Fish" of this world.  Send your prayers out for our neighbors who kept me company: Michael, Tim, & Robert.  May the Lord truly save them, equip them, and send them out (I call this catch & release ;~) 

By Danny Deddeh

Nick (a homeless neighbor) also composed a poem that he allowed me to publish here:

Because of you
The fear went away
It wasn't so scary
I could handle this day.

Because of you
It's quite easy to see
Since you took time to care
You loved me instantly.

Because of you
I learned what went wrong
And because of that knowledge
I've learned to be strong.

And Because of you,
I have what was missing
A strong sense of self
Because someone was listening

-Nicasio B. Agustin, Jr.



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