Church Without Walls



Andrew Riely

Has been a dedicated volunteer in the ministry for over 5 years and continues to support our ministry spiritually, emotionally and financially. Thanks Andrew, for your commitment and support.

Chris Francis

Business: New Focal Media

Chris uses his filming business to bless the ministry. He has serving the ministry by helping us spread the news through media connections.To find out more information about New Focal Media and their incredible work please visit their website at

Wolfe Lang

Occupation: Dentist (business owner)

Wolfe provides a huge blessing to our ministry. He helps our Homeless Friends with dental work and provides a wide range resources to contribute to our mission.

San Diego Rescue Mission

They provide shelter for the homeless and currently have a awesome event to prevent homelessness.

Single Parents Foundation - Wendy Sattam 

Uplift Ministry

Urban Ministry reaching out to the community by providing transportation, tutoring our youth, and senior citizen programs. Thank you for the resources you guys provide to our ministry.

Special thanks to our Rock Family Ministries:

Fitness Ministry for donating 10% of the proceeds to our ministry!

Recycling - For your support and dedication

Hula Ministry - Your praise and worship made us all cry! God bless you!

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