Church Without Walls


Pack & Distribute with Us


What you can bring or give to this outreach? 

1. Socks 

2. Sweaters / Jackets

3. Underwear and t-shirts 

4. Toiletries 

5. Water (cases) 

6. Blankets 

7. Sleeping Bags 

8. Tents 

9. Sandwiches 

10. Clean, gently used clothing 

11. Any type of soft packaged food (i.e. granola bars, chips, pudding) 

12. Fruit (all kinds) 

Willing to pick up donation depending on distance, email

Who do I Contact to make a Financial donation? 

Give Now

What is my money supporting? 

We are very open and honest and your financial support will help one or more of the following:

  1. Sleeping Bags
  2. Food & Water
  3. Housing Resources & Hotel Stay
  4. Emergency Assistance
  5. Food Assistance for those in need.
  6. Office and Ministry Supplies.

Connect With Us

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