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Post Incarceration/Re-Entry Services

When individuals are released from local jail or state prison, they are faced with the task of finding resources with limited guidance and immediate needs. Many of these men and women re-entering our community from incarceration struggle with substance abuse, mental and physical health issues, unstable housing situations, legal problems, and social stigma that can make it even more difficult to find stability.

We are fortunate in San Diego County to have resources available to help and support formerly incarcerated individuals during their transition. With so many resources available, navigating these systems can be overwhelming. The San Diego County District Attorney's office, San Diego County Sheriff's Department, San Diego County Probation Department, and 2-1-1 San Diego partnered together to improve access to the re-entry resources in San Diego County.

It has been proven that the first 72 hours post-release from prison or jail is a critical time in which connections to an individual's most crucial needs must be met in order to ensure their long term success, safety and stability. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended that when building a stabilization plan the top three resources are clearly identified as immediate needs.


Top Re-Entry Needs


Mental Health

Substance Abuse


Physical Health

Healthcare Services
Nutrition Services


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