Featured Story

The Power of No Judgment

At the Rock
Fire and Rain
God keeps a firefighter alive for a very specific reason
7 Strategies for Avoiding Loneliness
Learn how to combat the cycles of loneliness
To Save a Young Life
A movie producer offers her story to show the importance of Rock Youth
What God was up Against
The only thing that could turn Jason Batt around was a miracle, period.
Lousy Christian
One man discovers the benefits of reading the Bible
God is Not Mad
Student enters college to find her notion of God is entirely untrue
The Killer Headache
How God took a drug-addicted nurse and gave him a stage.
Surf's Up, Dude!
With just a tiny effort, eternal things can begin
The Crowning Achievement
A father involves his son in his drug dealing antics
The Boomerang Effect of Grace
A woman offers help to foster youth in need and gets a big surprise.
The Steve Burke Haters Club
Penny and friends served up a drink they thought hit the spot: hate
Healing and Purpose
A student at Rock School of Ministry get more than she bargained for
The Pain and Perfection of Waiting
All a suffering mom wanted for her son was to get clean of drugs. God had a better plan.
Compatible with Life
What happens when God gives a blessing only to take it away?
The Assignment
A meth dealer uncomfortable with religion discovers hope through the Bible

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