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Paradise Found

At the Rock
God, Tithing, and Spin the Wheel
How God confirmed a young couple’s willingness to obey
Carl, Kristine, and Audrey
When questions aren't always answered...
Hair and Soul
Hair stylist Candice Bucket conducts makeovers that touch ladies deep inside
A Healthier [Body] of Christ
For Joanna, the perfect diagnosis for her health concern is found...Genesis 1:29
Did God Really Use Beer Bottles to Start a Church?
The unexpected beginning of Rock Church
What Charlie Said Before He Passed
An insight on money from a dying man
Three Terrible Questions
Kids at a concert reveal the battle our youth fight every day
The Kiss
Everyone present had seen a thousand kisses. But this was one they weren’t going to miss.
Already in Love
Sarah’s obedience to follow God’s prompting led to something entirely unexpected.
Endless Possibilities
Something spectacular could be just around the corner for each of us.
The Step
Navy SEAL Kyle Buckett has a decision to make. Death by IED or RPG.
Can Waiting Be Wonderful?
If you’re waiting on God, you are in very good company.
This Happened to Me
A woman breaks her 30+ year silence and takes back the power
Blinking Red Light Pt. 2
While on the job, the chance for full-time work crumbles.
Where I Belong
When I came to the Rock Academy, I felt like I was important, and I felt like I was home.