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A Time to Run

At the Rock
What Good are You?
A hospital chaplain gets an unexpected answer, and it changes his life.
I have Russell-Silver Syndrome. Here’s why I wouldn’t have it any other way.
A Ministry of Geeks
How God, the Ancient of Days, is using failing computers to call people to Himself.
Why I'm Shopping for a Biplane
One man’s observation about his ride into the sky can change our perspective on life
The Good Life Gets Better
What was I missing in a life full of anything I could ever want?
Life and Death in Chicano Park
Would these volunteers risk their lives to bring Jesus to the people?
Why the Angels Sang
A Christmas Eve service reveals a new perspective on that holy event
Toys for Joy 2019
The 23rd Annual Toys for Joy impacted thousands of families.
Nativity Scene
If only the real nativity scene was as our minds have conjured it
Visiting Jesus in Prison
Prison Ministry leader, Isabel Montano, learns that prisons are ground zero for followers of Christ
Impossible Thing 1 & 2
How one choice changed everything for this couple
To Belong
One writer experiences why "It's More Than a Toy"
One. Word. At a Time.
Here’s how to make some of the well-worn verses in the Bible new again.
Financial Freedom Has Little to do with Money
One man’s journey to a new view of finances
Is God Enough?
A missionary confronts this question: “Would I still worship God if I had nothing?”
The Passenger
A Navy SEAL’s death and life experience above the Marianas Trench
The Pick Up Game
Greg was the dominant player on the court and in life, until he posted up against a guy named Tex.
Thanks, Mom and Dad
Siblings were radically changed by switching schools
Dream House vs. The Tithe
Trusting God, a couple says goodbye to their dream house
The Air I Breathe
Elaina is suffocating and only one thing has the power to stop it
The 40-year-old wound
Does God have use for a decades-old abortion?

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