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Why Reducing Debt Might be the Most Fun You've Ever Had

At the Rock
Blinking Red Light Pt. 2
While on the job, the chance for full-time work crumbles.
Where I Belong
When I came to the Rock Academy, I felt like I was important, and I felt like I was home.
Blinking Red Light Pt. 1
An advertising copywriter faces homelessness after losing his job
Fraternity Brother
How getting into a fraternity revealed a side of me only God could wash away
Life by Death
A successful businessman is about to lose his life until the Holy Spirit intervenes.
Gratitude for Trials
One man finds a new way forward and its as counterintuitive as can possibly be.
Top 9 New Year’s Resolutions (Plus 1)
The Best New Year’s Resolution Ever
Best Christmas Ever
Andriece’s reason for joining the Prison Ministry was to help others, or so she thought.
Something To Hold On To
Kelly Johnson tells how her trauma—as a little girl—is being used to touch lives today
Toys for Joy 2018
The 22nd Annual Toys for Joy blessed nearly 15,000 guests!
Why It Means So Much
A first timer to Toys for Joy confirms that “it’s not just a toy” but a chance to implant God’s love
Like I'm From Another Planet
How Toys for Joy is the recipient of a miracle and mystery
The Give to Give Cycle
Derek finds everything he used to think about money no longer applies
The Unending Gift
A college student’s prayer is answered in an unexpected way.
1100 Bucks
A tither learns about the promises of God