Featured Story

The Power of No Judgment

At the Rock
I Don't Like the Music
One man discovers that worship isn't only about the music
John Gets His Wish
A father's hope for his daughter comes true
School of Transformation
An enrollee at the Rock School of Ministry finds community the key to a transformed life
What Else is There?
What happens when a person gets everything they want?
The Long, Blessed Hike
Why the leader of the Hiking Ministry finds each hike more glorious than ever before
God and the Reset Button
Does history begin at the end of Genesis 3:6?
Instructions for Life
A lost young man opens the Bible and finds a map
The Wimbledon When Federer Played Whom?
A no-name, low ranked tennis player makes it to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships
Long Wails of Why
My painful, glorious path to the leadership of the Sexual Abuse Recovery Ministry
Questions for God
Courtney falls so far down an emotional pit she fears she will never get out
The Letter
Rudy’s dad left him a letter, and Greg was never the same again.
Charlie at Home
Chuck’s son was following in his footsteps to a T. And that was the problem.
A Promise from Jeremiah
Mother of boy with autism claims God’s promises for her son
After Olivia
Rock Worship Pastor, Andre Hudson, sees God’s hand even in the midst of unfathomable loss
When I Grew Tired of Waiting
Campus Pastor, Esli Medrano, reveals what happens when you take matters into your own hands.

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